Why Pubs Matter

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  Ok, so first things first, full disclosure guys, Kramer’s is a pub…  So it may come as no surprise to you then, dear reader, that we are strong advocates of the belief that, yes, community pubs do in fact matter. And they matter quite a bit. Here’s why. For starters, pubs are more than […]

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Cheers! Social Drinking is Actually Good For You.

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Why Social Drinking Can be Good For You AT LAST! Those brainboxes over at Oxford University in the UK have done something really useful: New research shows that moderate alcohol consumption may be linked to improved well-being, thanks to the improved social interaction associated with having a drink with friends at a local pub. Translation: […]

The Social Value of a Community Bar

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There’s nothing nicer than enjoying a cold drink after a long day. Picture yourself stopping by the neighborhood pub before heading home for dinner. Not a bad way to relax and recharge, especially after a day filled with meetings. Most of us already have a convenient place in mind that we like to frequent, whether […]

Top Toronto Weekend Activities

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Looking for fun things to do in the GTA while the weather is still so amazing? You’ve come to the right place! In addition to ahem… coming to Kramer’s for music, sports and good company, why not check out some of these super September weekend options: FRIDAY Toronto Shorts International Film Festival Toronto Beer Week […]

Top 10 Business Meet-Ups in Toronto

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The gang at Kramer’s Bar and Grill regularly hosts meet-ups, such as Mundo Lingo, in our main bar and upstairs lounge. We love bringing like-minded people together to eat, drink and have fun. In our latest meet-up list, we offer the top ten major business-focused groups in Toronto. Toronto is one of the biggest centres of business […]

50 Biggest Toronto Meet-Up Groups

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The gang at Kramer’s Bar and Grill are big fans of meetup.com. We regularly host meet-ups, such as Mundo Lingo, in our main bar and upstairs lounge. We did some research and identified the 50 biggest meet-up groups in the GTA. The following list is correct as of the date this post was published and contains a […]