In Defense of Going Out (to Your Local Pub at Least)

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It seems that nowadays, staying in is the new going out.

You’ve seen the memes, (“my favourite plans are cancelled plans”) you’ve heard the slang (was I the only one that thought “Netflix and chill” meant actually watching Netflix??)… It feels like an entire generation has just collectively decided to raincheck on a social life.

And we get it. Winter is cold. Bed is warm. Etc. etc. But we strongly believe there is more to life than streaming shows on the internet and eating Cheetos in your PJs!

And the reality is, there is an alternative to not going out that works out really well for people who, you know, don’t really like going out. It’s a magical place, and it’s called the local pub.

First off, the local pub is great because going there you can feel like you went out and did something with your life (when in reality you just pulled on some jeans and walked two mins from your apartment). But you left your sofa, and you can feel good about that. Go you!

Number two: At your local pub, someone else will make you a delicious snack and bring you a tasty drink, and they will smile as they do it. Think of it: someone else will do the dishes! You don’t even need to have gone to the store for groceries because someone did that too! Yes, the local pub truly is a thing of beauty. (Okay, so it takes having some money to do this. But c’mon, treat yourself once in a while, you deserve it.)

Reason three: beer. No elaboration needed.

Then there’s the fourth joy of the local pub, and that is local people. Ok you grinch, I hear your grumbling: I don’t like people. Really? Well, yes, there are some awful people in the world. True. But there are also some hilarious ones and some kind ones and some weird ones. And always strange, wonderful conversations to be had far away from the comments section in your local pub. Go out into the world and have some real interactions. It will be fun (maybe) and, the best thing about it? There are FAR fewer trolls (I didn’t say none. Be warned.)

Finally, the best thing about your local pub? It’s always there, welcoming you into the bosom of your community. You don’t have to dress up; you don’t have stay for an allotted amount of time; and, it doesn’t even demand that you have one of the aforementioned conversations because there’s televisions and wifi! No, your local pub is undemanding. It just wants to be there to connect you to other humans and perhaps provide you with some light entertainment.

And for all that joy, we owe our local pub our patronage, and that is why we should tone down the anti-going-out sentiment and pay it a visit.

Plus, it’s totally spring too. The patios are whispering to us; it’s time..