Top 10 Business Meet-Ups in Toronto

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The gang at Kramer’s Bar and Grill regularly hosts meet-ups, such as Mundo Lingo, in our main bar and upstairs lounge. We love bringing like-minded people together to eat, drink and have fun. In our latest meet-up list, we offer the top ten major business-focused groups in Toronto.

Meetup at Kramers

Toronto is one of the biggest centres of business in North America. In our latest meet-up list, we offer a selection of the top business-focused groups in Toronto.

Toronto’s Top 10 Business Meet-Ups:

  1. Toronto Entrepreneurs: 12,563 members and growing
  2. Toronto Business and Social Network: 5,356 members and growing
  3. Entrepreneurs Toronto: 5,332 members and growing
  4. mind->SHIFT: 5,323 members and growing
  5. Startup Toronto, a Community of Startup Canada: 4,430 members and growing
  6. Startup Grind Toronto: 4,023 members and growing
  7. Toronto Women Entrepreneur & Social Meetup: 2,765 members and growing
  8. Social Media, Mobile Apps, Marketing & E-Commerce: 2,547 members and growing
  9. TORONTO TECH: Wearable, IoT, Big Data, 3D, Energy, AI, Robot: 2,182 members and growing
  10. Business Referral Network Toronto: 2,173 members and growing


These list stats were correct on March 23, 2017 and were sourced from


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