Tuesdays at Kramer’s: Mundo Lingo

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You may have noticed that earlier this week Kramer’s posted photos from their weekly event Mundo Lingo on Facebook and Instagram!

This is one of Kramer’s favourite events because it’s fun, entertaining, and a great opportunity for guests to learn about new languages or to take pride in their mother tongue!

Mundo Lingo is an event that Kramer’s hosts on a weekly basis and they want to make sure everyone knows all about it! Mundo Lingo is a language exchange event which provides a unique opportunity to meet new people from different cultures and to become immersed in different languages. Mundo Lingo provides guests with an international experience without having to leave the city!

When guests arrive, they will receive flags to wear representing their native or strongest language at the top and their second language or their weaker language on the bottom. The lower language can also be a language that the person is interested in learning. Guests can wear as many flags as they would like, in descending order of interest level or strength in ability. Once guests have their name flags in order, they are free to mix and mingle with the other guests. Standing is an indication that you are still looking for someone to converse with and sitting down indicates that you are taking a break or want a more private conversation. The night is filled with great conversation, great food, and laughter!

The event starts at 7pm and is held on Kramer’s upstairs lounge area. The lounge area features a large comfortable lounging area with a fully equipped bar which leads out to a rooftop patio! Guests can move freely between the different areas and grab a drink or something to nibble on at the bar. This event is free of charge, open to anyone and everyone with an open mind, and willingness to learn about different cultures and languages!

Mundo Lingo is one of the world’s largest language exchange event organizations which runs in 13 cities in over five continents worldwide. Kramer’s is proud to be the first and only venue to host Mundo Lingo events here in Toronto. The Mundo Lingo night is a night not to be missed. Finally, your perfect excuse to go out on a weekday! Plus, don’t forget to cool off with the daily drink special, four dollar bar rails and five dollar pints of Steamwhistle! Need we say more?

Be sure to stop by next week, 7 pm on Tuesday in Kramer’s Upper Lounge! See you then!

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