Why Pubs Matter

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Ok, so first things first, full disclosure guys, Kramer’s is a pub…  So it may come as no surprise to you then, dear reader, that we are strong advocates of the belief that, yes, community pubs do in fact matter. And they matter quite a bit. Here’s why.

For starters, pubs are more than just private businesses selling alcohol. Many pubs, like Kramers, also play an important role at the heart of their local communities.

Here are 5 reasons pubs matter and ways they contribute to the local community:

  1. Pubs provide a meeting place where social networks are strengthened and extended. For example, the pub scored the highest of any location in a survey that asked people where they get together with others in their neighbourhood.
  2. Pubs add value to local economies through job creation and tax dollars raised on alcohol sales.While alcohol is linked to problems around crime and disorder, very little of this comes from community pubs serving residential areas like Kramer’s in Midtown Toronto.
  3. Bars are the most important social institution for promoting interactions between people from different walks of life. Your local is a great place to meet people outside of your family, close friends or social network ‘bubble’. In a world that seems to be becoming ever more polarized and divided, it’s important to meet people beyond your immediate social group, have real conversations, and yes, burst your ‘bubble.’
  4. Pubs host a wide variety of community-oriented events and activities that add considerably to local civic life, offering you the chance to get off your couch and get involved! Mundo Lingo upstairs at Kramer’s is a great example of this.
  5. Community pubs have a cultural as well as a practical community value. Pubs offer you the chance to take in a game of hockey, play trivia, or just simply relax and enjoy a drink and bite to eat. So essentially, your pub is giving you a chance to take part in traditional, authentic Canadian experiences that are becoming rarer in a world transformed by global commercial pressures and social media.

So all in all, we really mean it when we say that pubs matter. And the best thing about this is, all you have to do to support this vital community institution of your local pub is simply go there and buy a pint and a plate of wings.

You get beer, and your local pub gets to exist. Now THAT sounds like a win-win situation if ever I heard one!